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What is it?

 RapidRMA is a modeling and analysis tool suite based on a mathematically provable scheduling methodology that will ensure systems meet all of their deadlines, all of the time. Features include RT CORBA mapping capabilities, single and multi-processor environments and spare capacity calculations.

Why use it?
The Art of Modeling Real-Time Systems

Using Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA), RapidRMA (formerly PERTS, Prototyping Environment for Real-Time Systems) helps real-time systems software developers prevent costly design mistakes and accelerate their development schedules. The multiple analysis tools contained in RapidRMA allow designers to test software models against various design scenarios and evaluate how different implementations might optimize the performance of their systems. By isolating and identifying potential scheduling bottlenecks in both soft and hard real-time systems, RapidRMA can save thousands of dollars and avoid many hours of wasted manpower.


"Our systems need to meet explicit quantitative performance goals. If you miss a timing sequence when designing a satellite, it falls out of the sky. RMA-based tools are the only ones that can perform the sophisticated technical analysis we need to assure quality real-time system design."
- Lockheed Martin

RAPID RMA is based on research conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


The story of Tri-Pacific Software, Inc. begins with a group of software development and design engineers who came together in Tri-Pacific Consulting Corporation. They worked with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to promote Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA), a powerful software engineering method. In 1994, working in conjunction with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, they created the PERTS product, a modeling and prototyping tool which utilizes RMA. That was followed by PERTS*Sim, a discrete event simulator.

In 1998, the group founded Tri-Pacific Software, Inc. to provide real-time embedded systems solutions to the software industry. In 1999, Tri-Pacific Software introduced its RAPID suite of tools for real-time scheduling. In this suite, PERTS and PERTS*Sim are being re-engineered to use JAVA for a GUI front-end, making the programs more versatile and platform independent. The product names have been changed: PERTS is now RapidRMA.

Tri-Pacific Software leads the industry in RMA applications. RapidRMA is now installed in some of the largest commercial and government systems in the world, including Boeing, Computer Sciences Corporation, The Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitre, Nokia, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and many others.

RAPID RMA Benefits
  • Allows cost effective testing and modeling of systems

  • Guarantees schedulability under "worst case" conditions

  • Isolates and identifies timing problems

  • Saves money and time

  • Provides "what if" support to identify bottlenecks and performance issues

RAPID RMA Features
  • Timing and scheduling analysis environment

  • Utilizes powerful Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA) methodology

  • Deadline Monotonic Analysis (DMA)

  • Cyclic Executive Analysis

  • ROSA Analysis for Object Oriented architectures

  • Includes probabilistic analysis in RAPID RMA Scheduler

  • Real-Time CORBA semantics support

  • Additional job completion time algorithms

  • Provides off-line scheduling analysis for Real-Time CORBA scheduling service

  • DASPCP (Distributed Affected Set Priority Ceiling Protocol) used for object oriented resource contention

  • End-to-end analysis for single-node and multiple-node architectures

  • Interface to RAPID Sched (Real-Time CORBA Scheduling Service)

  • Analyze complex Cloud Computing, multi-core, embedded and distributed architectures more effectively

  • Spreadsheet presentation for tasks and resources

  • Maps priority to RTOS for specific local priority


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